The purpose of ad agencies is projecting, designing, managing and purchasing advertisements on behalf of their customers. TRADERSBROKERS furnishes the agencies with an interface that enables handling of the customer ads, serve the same to the affiliate publishers and monitor efficiency rates. The affiliate publishers may include single websites, smartphone apps, as well as networks and marketplaces of advertising.
How to Start

If the agency account has been registered, there are three uncomplicated moves to start serving and monitoring ads for your customers:

  • Ad Creative

    Adjust the ad creative with a relevant visualization and landing site. There’s an interesting palette of ad formats at your disposal.

  • Establish a Zone

    A zone is a rotatory set of multiple advertisements. The arrangement of this kind provides the possibilities of switching the ads or trying several adaptations of the same ad (split testing) with no need to perform any changes on the side of your publisher partner.

  • Forward an Ad Tag

    Get the serving code for the respective zone and submit it to your publisher partners. The latter will insert this generated code on their ad server or website which ensures the ad’s showcasing.

TRADERSBROKERS additionally provides individual advertisers with ad servers for the purpose of tracking the media purchases.