Have you ever conceived of creating an ad network? Have you built a significant publisher and advertiser contact base? If you think that a single site is too trifling for your ambitions and you want to project your efforts to a whole network, then TRADERSBROKERS is a valid helper in materializing your advertising network dreams and hopes.
Organize an ad network from scratch

There’s an option for you to organize an ad network that allows your publisher partners to register and receive a wide scope of performance data like ad tags, views and so on.

Manage several online sites from your portfolio

As a publisher, there’s nothing that can keep you from running several sites. You may publish a number of links to different domains on each of the sites. Then, separate performance reports for each of them are provided as well.

Build a partner web

You may build and ad partner web and utilize one or more of the palette of models like CPC or CPA. Your partners aka affiliates, who may be represented by web resources, media or publishers, provide you with the ad traffic from their respective sectors.

Self-Maintaining Advertising

There’s an option for you to arrange the functionality in such a way that the publishers with whom you work will have media inventory enabling the ads ordered from them to be networked to your campaign.


What distinguished TRADERSBROKERS from a lot of ad networks suppliers out there is that we do not cut your income rates by drawing part of it into our pockets. We do not use this kind of percent-based fee program. Instead, we care about the maximization of your revenues. Thus, we provide a fixed period-based fee plan, the accounting timeframe being a month. All you need is to subscribe to this program, in which all costs of serving and monitoring your ads are pre-calculated. Our plan makes it possible to handle several affiliate sites in your network simultaneously. There’s a selection of premium options and extra add-ons that you may subscribe to as well.

Publisher accounts in your Ad Network

A network administrator can provide a publisher or a partner with an account with read-only rights to:

  • Survey the zones and ads lists
  • Obtain an assigned zone ad tag
  • Monitor the performance statistics like the revenues based on the preset rates for the item site in question
Payout Rates

You can, at your discretion, prescribe separate payout ratios for each affiliate website. The rates may be zone or ad specific. The metrics used for payouts may be CPM, CPA, CPC and the likes.
For instance, the advertiser ad based pay rate for a site A may be $8/CPM, and for a site B, $10/CPM. When it comes to a zone, you can specify a payout rate in a form of percent ratio per full rate for the total amount of ads linked to the zone. For instance: a payout rate for the zone A allotted to affiliate site B is 50%, and the 4 ads are linked to the zone. Then the payout rate for each of these 4 ads will be 50% of the full rate.

Publisher Payments

The monthly revenue statistics of your publishers are available to you in a neat report form that can be exported in a variety of formats like XLS, CSV, PDF or plain text. The exported document will include the information on the name, contact address and the payment amount.