There are a number of sources from which advertisers can buy the services such as single sites, smartphone applications, advertising networks and marketing places, and this gives birth to the necessity of adroit solution in terms of ad server provision. TRADERSBROKERS is your aid in realizing structured traffic tracking and auditing as well as checking your expenses and maximizing your income.
Monitor Media Purchases

Would you desire to monitor the statistics, such as CPI, CPC, CPL, conversions or buys by the third party server for your media purchases on the sites, TRADERSBROKERS provides a convenient base for tracking and distributing advertisements through a series of publishers and web portals. This procedure is free from any difficulties:

  • Submit your ads to our platform.
  • Forward an ad tag to the destination of your media purchase.
  • The ad tag will showcase your ad, impressions as well as clicks.

Additionally, the setting up of tracker for conversion and ad spending is possible too. Would you require to showcase the identical ad to several web portals, you just have to link the ad to several ad locations and forward the tag for each location one-by-one. This kind of installment simplifies the process of switching the ads that doesn’t require requesting partners to make any corrections on their end. It doesn’t matter if your representation is limited to your single enterprise or encompasses several advertisers, check the information about our ad server for agencies.

Access to Reports

In case you already have an advertiser profile for your publisher or network, just log in and browse your ads and marketing statistics.

Purchase Advertisements

There are advertising networks and marketplaces available to those who wish to promote their ads by placing them on numerous web portals. This enables your ads to be showcased on the sites best suited to your financial capacities and targeted public.

TRADERSBROKERS isn’t managing our own ad network or marketplace, and thus we are not engaged in advertisements sales. Our purpose is presenting the high-tech platform for advertisers, publishers, agencies and networks for serving ads and handling and monitoring impressions, conversions and multiple other statistics.