TRADERSBROKERS clientele varies from humble amateur sites with less than 100K monthly views to impressive publishers with voluminous traffic reaching hundred millions views per month. We are delivering our services to over a thousand clients in seventy countries.
News Agencies

Internet news platforms are currently the most sough-after source of information for people of different ages and origins. This means that news agencies need to constantly think about the broadening of their web presence. The budgets for web ads are visibly rising as well. Among our clientele there are local and worldwide news portals and industry resources, online zines etc.

Amateur Websites

Dedication, know-how and reasonable use of opportunities provide a road for a hobby to transform into something bigger and more serious. The need to sell the products and services exists globally. The ability to establish connection with potential purchasers means earnings both for producers and advertisers. Among our clientele there are people specialized in such hobbies as chess, mountain biking, scuba diving, dogs, fishing and many others.

Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce

Whichever area or industry you look at, you clearly see the importance of networking, and that’s why there are always unions and associations that promote the interests of the respective businesses. On the other hand, there are local and regional commerce chambers that provide a linking bridge for companies and customers. This kind of organizations find TRADERSBROKERS useful as aid to marketing and advertising their member companies and sponsors.


If you are an expert is some area, you can share your ideas and information with the public by writing for a blog. And if your readers or subscribers base is plentiful, the advertisers will be ready to pay you for linking your audience to their advertised products. Our clientele includes bloggers writing on tourism, music, clothes, manicure, IT, lifehacks, business strategies, etc.

E-commerce Websites

If your product has a companion or complementary stuff, which is almost always the case, you may utilize our ad server to help your e-commerce website in reaching the audience and making them aware of these items. A great way to drastically improve the sales and profits is the up-selling and cross-selling to an established customer base whose preferences are already actively demonstrated. Our clientele uses slideshows of their products, multiple case study rotations, classified advertisements, and so on.

Web Developers, Designers, Advisers

Web developers whose customers are interested in utilizing their websites for advertising may refer them to TRADERSBROKERS or resell TRADERSBROKERS ad server to them directly. We have established contacts with companies in the field of IT, marketing and consulting who firmly advise TRADERSBROKERS ad server to their clientele. Among them there are those who are able to manage their customer accounts in a non-stop mode.